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Presenting Pricing Bundle

what's included:

The way you present your pricing should be more than just a couple words and numbers on a word document.  The experience you are giving to your clients should start before they even book.

What is the Presenting Pricing Bundle?

An informational guide that thoroughly looks into the “whys” behind offering more than just a word document to present your pricing to potential clients. It’s a PDF full of tips on what to include in your own Investment Brochure, while taking a look at my own that I send out to clients – page by page. 

Who is it for?

Do you strive to give your clients the best experience from start to finish? What about before they even book? Do you have your pricing simply typed out on a single page document with no representation of your art? This is for you. The Presenting Pricing Bundle caters to photographers & videographers best. While it’s presented with examples from a Wedding Investment Brochure, the same information applies to your desired niche! Whether that be seniors, families, couples, maternity, etc. For example, I use the same information that I provide & concept behind the brochures for each of the services I offer (more about that in the guide!) 


• 2 Custom Canva Templates to create your own 

• A PDF of what you can include in an Investment Brochure with page by page walkthroughs (with examples of my own)

• Tips for structuring your guides + pricing


**No refunds will be given on purchased items. All sales are final**

• 2 Bonus Email Templates: Available & Unavailable 

Wedding Guide Bundle - 

what's included:

What is the Wedding Guide Bundle and why do you need it?

This bundle provides you with a look into a (my own) Wedding Guide PAGE BY PAGE and what you could include to make your own. There is NOT exact copy & paste information, HOWEVER there are very detailed and thought out tips of what you could include on each page, to help kickstart your own copy for your guide.  (So I mean, it's practically written for you with the tweak of a few words).

Who is it for?

This bundle is best suited for photographers & videographers who are wanting to enhance their client experience, and simply go above and beyond by helping their couples plan their day -- from a documentary perspective.  Give your clients the experience they deserve and didn't even know they needed.


• A 25 page informational PDF that dives into EACH page of a wedding guide & what could be included in your own. Examples provided from my own wedding guide that has been years in the making.

• 2 Custom Canva Templates with How-To’s to choose from

**No refunds will be given on purchased items. All sales are final**


Is going above and beyond for your clients important to you? Do you claim to offer insight and expertise on wedding days to your engaged couples during the planning process? Are you wanting both streamline AND enhance your client experience at the same time? A Wedding Guide is a magazine chalk full of information to help a couple plan their special day, from a photographer's perspective. It’s full of tips and tricks to help make the day run smoothly & what they may want to take into account. This tool has been SO helpful not only for my couples in their planning process and what to expect with me as their photographer (especially if they don’t have a coordinator for their day), but also for myself as well! They’re a fun, unique gift to send to your couples if you want to go above and beyond in creating a memorable and personal experience for them.

• BONUS:  Wedding Questionnaire || Questions sent to my couples during the planning stages to gather wedding details & help create a photo timeline 


workflow templates & Productivity guide

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