you’re creating a beautiful life for your little one already. 



Oh sweet mama, you're doing amazing already.

I have a whole new found outlook, understanding, and love for mamas out there after having a sweet little babe of my own. 

Whether you're physically carrying your little one, or going through the process of adopting/having someone else carry your little one -- it's all so beautiful and deserves to be documented in such a way, too. 

The sleepless nights.
The constant nausea. (And *vomiting* for the unlucky ones)
The persistent heartburn. 
The forever worry and anxiety that now won't ever go away. 

But that leads to -- 

That sweet first thump of your babes heartbeat.
The first little butterflies in your stomach that turn into stronger kicks. 
The excitement of dreaming of what he / she is going to look like. 
The preparing for the life ahead of you, although forever changed, forever changed for the better in the most beautiful of ways.

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These moments are just that, another fleeting moment in the grand timeline of life. And although at times it may seem never ending, soon enough you'll be looking back with that little babe in your arms (the second you're handed him/her, one month old, 3 years old, 15 years old), and reminisce on when they were growing strong and independent already with a personality ready to burst at the seams -- before they were even brought into this world. 

You're already setting your babe up for a beautiful life, mama. 

These are moments that are so precious and oh so quick, let's document them too. Let's bring your vision to life to celebrate the life of another. 



“Kylie was more than accommodating and helpful during the planning/booking process. I was fairly high maintenance about trying to have photos in a lot of different settings and Kylie not only made it work logistically but hit them all out of the park artistically as well. Then came the actual weekend of our wedding and she exceeded expectations. Kylie is so fun and easy to be around which made us and all of our loved ones feel super comfortable the whole time. We got sneak peaks very quickly which we were (and still are) obsessed with and then the full gallery came and now we have so many amazing photos to cherish forever from the best day of our lives. I can't recommend Kylie enough, we would book with her again in a heartbeat!”

Kaylee & Peter


“Kylie was the most amazing and wonderful person we could have ever imagined for our wedding. Right away, she made me and my fiance feel comfortable in front of the camera. She gave just enough direction that we felt supported without giving so much that we felt unnatural. Kylie has the most beautiful light about her and that radiates through her photos. Anyone can see that she takes incredible photos but those are made possible not only with her incredible talent but through her incredibly warm and loving heart. She is up for the most fun and unrealistic adventures and she makes them possible. She was so responsive with her communication and made me and my fiance feel like we were her only focus. We are so very blessed and grateful for Kylie, both her photos and her friendship. There is not a single purchase for our wedding that was better made than Kylie's time. Thank you again, Kylie. We love you so much.”

Jenna & Jim