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With just about a decade of photographing all sorts of different milestones in peoples’ lives, I’ve loved creating an experience for my clients that I feel proud of and hope that they can walk away from our time together with not only stunning images, but feeling taken care of and loved by -yes- *just* their photographer. 

However, owning a business isn’t just a one size fits all - keep things the same for years - type of thing. You create and implement things that work, and then a few months later you may re-evaluate to keep changing and growing. There’s always more to learn, always more to keep pushing you forward. Otherwise, what would keep you going?

This is where I would love to meet you.

why a mentorship

You should feel proud of this business you’ve created from the ground up. Let’s re-evaluate, re-inspire, and grow together to fulfill and push you in the direction you want to be. 

Whether it be in client experience, the way you brand your business & portray it, marketing, shooting, approaching shoots & wedding days – whatever it may be, let’s dive in. 

I offer a couple of different mentor session packages, each specifically catered to exactly what you need and want to learn. No BS, no wasted time – we’re gonna do what you want to do. I spend time getting to know you and your business and the gears that make it turn, and the ones you want to fine tune. In the time we are together, we can cover anything from the booking process & workflow to pricing, contracts, taxes, marketing – you name it, I’m an open book. Nothing held back. 

Let’s chat and make sure we’re a good fit! I’d love to be a part of your story, too. 

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what we can accomplish 

client experience | workflow | balance | shooting | marketing

ready to dive in?


with love from: Shayne

“Kylie! I had to text you and thank you so much again for my mentor session. It has been such a blessing in my business and has grown me so much even just this summer! I cannot thank you enough! I would do it over and over again if I could.”