Idaho Couples Session at Dusk

This couples session in Idaho at dusk was sooo much fun! Alex and Alex (YES THEY HAVE THE SAME NAME), were models for a mentor session with the sweetest, most humble girl— Dawyna Biggs! Dawnya (and her sweet boyfriend) drove up from Southern Idaho to do a mentor session with me and we had such a good time. I am so grateful and humbled that people with drive HOURS just to hang out with me and learn from me?! We started the afternoon by meeting up at a local coffee shop and talking all things business, client experiences, website, pricing, you name it!

We left an hour and a half prior to sunset to meet up with Alex x 2. 😉
Meeting up with these two felt like meeting up with friends?! Alex (girl Alex) is also an INCREDIBLE photographer (Alex Colberg) in the Boise area. She will also be attending Wild and Unwritten this summer in Alaska! It was so fun to get to know her and her guy throughout the evening.  They are the most laid back, easy going, silly couples and I love them a butt load already. We ran through the foothills overlooking the city jamming to their favorites— Ariana Grande and Drake. haha. It was the best night, and the sun even made a tiny little appearance. After the sun went down the sky was filled with purple and pink hues for the last bit of our session.  Idaho at dusk is one of my favorite times of day.

the rest of the mentor session and a little review

After our goodbyes, we headed to grab a bite to eat and finish off our mentor session. It was such an easy going day. Dawnya just soaked everything up and already was wanting to implement it all. We developed such a good friendship just in the few hours we were together. I am so excited for this talented girl, and everything that is in store for her this year. She’s an amazing wedding photographer AND senior photographer.  So proud of how far she’s already come in such a short amount of time!

Also, this is what Alex had to say about our time together.  No big deal, I’m not crying or anything.

“Alex and I were talking about how that was the most fun we’ve ever had modeling! I’ve never seen him be himself like that at a shoot before! thank you thank you!”

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