Haley + Geoff. Two of the most genuine and crazy for each other, full of spunk people out there.  Haley came to me wanting to make her day stand out to them.  She wanted to include things that they love, and what makes them, them.  Their church,  the perfect dress, handwritten letters, snowy mountains, smoke bombs, a custom leather jacket and a whole lotta love. It was so fun getting to know these two, witnessing their elopement in their beloved Church, and following them out to the Mountains to capture their love at sunset over the white lake and literal knee deep frozen, icy snow.  It was painful to trudge through, but worth it. haha. These two are champs.  So happy to see them doing what they love, and making their day special and memorable in a way that fits them.  Love their sweet souls!

Also, isn’t Haley such a babe?! Making everybody want pink hair.