Where to even begin?

I contacted India about my wedding last June, she was already booked, so I then contacted her a while later about doing my bridals, and we talked about potentially meeting somewhere in the middle of us! We chatted about it a little bit and then I jokingly said “Or I mean, you can just meet us in Iceland??” Literally thinking that nothing would come of it. But she pretty much instantly emailed back wanting to know how we could ACTUALLY make this work.

A plane ticket later for her booked and lots of Airbnb planning, bam. Her and her husband were meeting us in Iceland for a few days.


Let me remind you….I had never met India. hahaha. Whatever, I find roommates off of Craigslist and it’s all good, so flying a photographer over to meet us in Iceland is normal, right?

Anyways. We met up with them at 3 in the morning one day over there, anddddd honestly I feel really bad, they had no luck whatsoever on this trip. hahah.  Laughing, but really I feel bad (Sorry India and Jay)

We spent literally 4 hours driving around, after we picked them up at 3 in the morning, trying to find an Airbnb that didn’t have an address.  The address was “800 Selfoss”.  Turns out thats the end of every address in Selfoss, Iceland. Thanks. Good to know.

We finally found it after 4 hours of driving around this tiny town, but of course, there was another family there that wouldn’t be leaving probably until check out, which was in the afternoon. hahah remembering all of this just is, oh boy.

We found out in the first few days in Iceland, that there isn’t an Icelandic cuisine, and places to eat were open at THE oddest hours of the day.  So at 6 in the morning? Nope. Nothing is open.  We waited until the grocery store opened at 8 am, bought some cereal, plastic bowls, plastic spoons, milk, I think some grapes? And went and bummed it out on a patio of a coffee shop for an hour or so.

Well. Still 3 hours to go until we could check into our Airbnb. And we had the tiniest car. Not possible for sleeping with 4 adults. So. We explored around, went to a crater, laughed at literally everything because Jay and India had jet lag and had already been up for millions of hours, Chase and I were running on about a half hour of sleep, and it was just a grand time.


India and Jay hung out with us for a few days, and in that time we explored the coolest and most magical waterfalls, ate countless Quizno’s sandwiches from the only gas station that was open 24/7, ran through the craziest fields of purple flowers, and all during the early hours of the morning because of Iceland’s 24 hours of daylight in the summer.  We shot our bridals running around the country on no sleep and at 3 am, hitting glaciers, huge waterfalls, getting soaking wet and having the time of our lives– and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way.  It fit Chase and I perfectly, and captured everything we love. (To see these incredible photos that I will cherish forever, head on over to India’s website @

Kylie & Chase

We met for the first time in another country and it wasn’t weird at all.  We all got along incredibly and by the end of the trip had seen our best and our worst hahah.  India and Jay are two of the most approachable, kindest, most genuine souls I have ever met.  They were so easy going even with the mess that we went through in a foreign country.  I would do it with them in a heartbeat all over again, even if they beg to differ. haha. Not to mention, they both are INSANELY talented. India is a magician and pours her heart and soul into her work. She’s so good and so easy to work with it’s incredible. Not too mention such a babe.  And Jay recently picked up video alongside her and is already crazy talented I don’t understand.  They are the ultimate duo and I’m so thankful I got the chance to meet them. So if you haven’t checked them out…PLEASE DO, you’ll love that you did.

Anyways! She and Jay were sweet enough to let me, a baby photographer, take some shots of them over there because how many times do you get to do what you love in another country? Loved this trip, loved meeting them and spending time with them.  Forever grateful for their kindness.