Where do I even start with these two.
When Kayla contacted me I knew instantly we would be a good fit and I wanted her to choose me as her photographer SO bad.  haha.  They were exactly my kind of people.  Love for the mountains, being in epic places, and hiking to new views.  They were torn between eloping and having a big wedding back home with all their friends and family, both things meant so much to them.  So they compromised by doing adventurous engagements (and soon bridals), and having their big dream wedding too.  Seriously such a good idea.  After so much thought, they decided they wanted their engagements done in their new home— Colorado.  They had just moved there for Kayla’s work two weeks prior to me flying out there to shoot their engagements!  So everything was new to not only me but to them as well.  It meant so much to them to have pictures done here, because it would be their new home where they build their life together.
We planned and spent two days exploring Colorado as much as we could on 4 hours of sleep and coffee, and it was nothing short of perfect.  We started our first evening in the Rocky Mountain National Park, spent some time exploring Estes and the Trail Ridge Road and then made our way down South to stay at a hotel closer to our location for sunrise.
This hotel. hahaha.  Our next location was in the tiny, TINY town of Calhan— and honestly I don’t think that many people know of it?  We didn’t get to the hotel until about 11 or 12 at night, not a soul in sight, I think the hotel ratings got 1 star?  But literally it’s the only thing in Calhan.  We made countless jokes but yet were grateful to have somewhere close to stay for the next morning— because we woke up at 4/4:30am for a sunrise shoot in the freaking incredible Paint Mines.
We were driving in Kayla + Nick’s small car, and it had DUMPED rain the previous night so the “dirt” road back to the mines was now incredibly sticky mud.  haha.  We got the car stuck on our way out there and literally had to drive in circles to finally make it to the parking lot.  Still impressed by Nicks nav skills.  We finally got to the lot after doing countless donuts down this mud road, we put on our boots and started the little walk to the Paint Mines. Which was also a dirt path, meaning it was also a sticky mud-filled hike.  Safe to say, our shoes were done for.  We could hardly even walk they were so thick and heavy from the mud.  And we were all doing this at 5am. hahah.  Seriously the best of times.
We made it the Mines right as the sun was coming up over the hill and it was incredible.  We explored a little, froze a little until the sun hit us, and had the time of our lives in this little pink clay universe.
I am so grateful for these two and the hospitality and friendliness they have shown be from the very beginning.  They make my job what it is— and they make me so grateful to do what I do.  They have become good friends who I talk to on almost a weekly basis— and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Cannot WAIT for their bridals in September in an equally epic location, and then finally for their wedding in October with all their friends and family 🙂