This day.
Oh my goodness guys.
The prettiest and most miraculous day anyone could ever ask for.
Lauren is hands down the most laid back bride I have ever met in my life. haha.  I’ve gotten to know Lauren (she herself is an AMAZING photographer, check her out!) over the last few months, from having taken their engagements and now onto their wedding, and I wouldn’t expect anything else! So easy going, incredibly easy to get along with, and unbelievably kind.
But guys I say miraculous because it was literally a blizzard, a BLIZZARD, when everyone woke up on the day of her wedding.  Just a good ol’ mid-April blizzard for ya. And yes the wedding was supposed to be outside, as a nice spring wedding should. hahah.
Lauren just shrugged her shoulders and continued getting ready!  No big deal!  My kinda person.  What can you do anyways??
It continued to snow, and snow some more, and then right as I arrived at the house of the wedding (Joe’s parents home), the sun broke out, there was no snow on the ground, only snow capped mountains in the background.  LIKE HOW.  So perfect!
Everything had been moved inside at that point, and so quickly everyone got together and moved everything back outside in time for the incredibly beautiful backyard wedding with the green grass and snow-capped mountains in the background.
A whole lot of love and breathtaking scenery, what more could you ask for in a day??
It ended up getting pretty chilly and raining later in the evening, so the reception moved inside, but it was nothing short of perfect 🙂
I tend to tear up in weddings….no matter how close I am with the bride and groom.  It just happens.  It’s just part of the job! So much happiness in one room, who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with that all the time?
At the end of the night during Lauren + Joe’s send off, their friends surprised them having wrote a song about them getting married and moving to Portland, serenading behind them as they ran through their sparkler exit. hahah.  Moments like these make my heart happy.
It was the best of days, so relaxed and carefree, a could have been stressful situation turned into the best of memories and a perfect day in and of itself.  Cause it’s not about perfection, perfect weather or perfect hair, it’s not about having a pinterest wedding or being the best— it’s all about the start of your new life together, it’s about the intangible, carefree, don’t let anything bring you down, be yourself together kind of love.