This wedding at the cotton mill was one crazy weekend but one I was so so excited and glad to be a part of!  Crazy delayed flights, terrible weather, running on no sleep and 18 hour days— but those terrible travel experiences are often forgotten when there’s a beautiful day to follow it. September was a crazy month last year— full of shoots, weddings, traveling.  I headed to Texas for Lisa and Erick’s wedding  right after I got back from a wedding in Kauai! I was supposed to land early in Dallas, which I was so excited to have a relaxing evening, prepping for the 13 hour wedding day that was waiting for me.

How traveling for wedding isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but I wouldn’t ever trade it for missing these moments.

 As we were landing in Texas, we re-routed to a different airport because of crazy storms. We ended up landing in Austin, 3 hours from my destination. We sat on the tarmac for 2+ hours until we were told we were de-boarding and would just sit in limbo until either the coast was clear or until the flight got cancelled indefinitely. Two more hours go by until we were told the flight was cancelled.  K, next. Boarded a shuttle bus that arrived at 11:30pm to take us to Dallas. It took 4 hours to get there instead of the original 3, simply because it was a shuttle bus and the roads were now flooding hahah. Get to Dallas. Pick up my rental car at 4 in the morning to drive to McKinney where I was staying. The roads are flooding and I’m in a tiny car.  So naturally, hydroplaning everywhere. AHHH. I’m dying just thinking about it. Finally get to my destination and into bed at 5am— for the two hour nap before the day started at 7am! But honestly I’m convinced I do better on no sleep so I guess all is well???


Nonetheless, despite the hectic travel— Lisa + Erick were a DREAM to be with and work with. Not a single complaint, not a single fret when things weren’t going as planned. It was dumping rain on their wedding day— they were just so happy and so amazing to be around. Made me love these two even more!! I couldn’t have done this day without the incredible Katie Pickens ( who was my second shooter for the day and absolutely KILLED it. She literally brought me Red Bulls and dry socks when I needed them, and kept me sane 😉 Miss her dearly already!!

I’M THERE. for you 😉

All in all, whatever the weather, whatever it takes, I’m there. I’m so there for your day. 110%, I’m there. For every tear, smile, hug, special dance, laugh, drunk limbo, drunk jump-roping, secluded dances after guests leave, you name it. (See all that happening below haha) This job is so worth every second of no sleep, every second spent in airports.  It’s worth every minute of aching backs and necks because my cameras and bags weigh as much as I do— and everything in between. These moments are special and priceless, and nothing will ever top the fact that people choose ME to help them re-live them for all of time. K sappy post over! 🙂 Check out Lisa + Erick’s stunning day!! This venue is to die for, and Lisa is the most stunning!!! Love these two + their hearts!


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