This day was so good.

I had a few day trip planned down to Utah to do some engagements for a couple different couples, and had an opening for a sunrise session— which is my ALL time favorite time of day to shoot.

Madison messaged me and booked without hesitation so, reason number one why I’m her fan girl.

Woke up nice and early Saturday morning to head into Spanish Fork Canyon (my new favorite canyon, absolutely cannot wait to go see what it looks like in the summer), and meet these two cute strangers.  Madison and Bryan wanted some last memories somewhere that captured Utah and what it’s all about, because they were moving to the desert (Vegas), in a few weeks.  So, so happy we made the decision to shoot through this specific canyon.  Anddd they greeted us with Dr. Pepper for breakfast— reason number two I am their biggest fans.

And the third reason why I’m their biggest fans?  They were so down to earth and laid back.  They didn’t care to get a “perfect shot” or worry about what I was doing behind the camera, they were more interested in each other and hanging out with one another during sunrise.  THATS what I love about them.  Those are the kind of sessions I love to no end.  We ran around in valleys of the canyon all morning, all four of us (my husband included) getting to know each other— with frosty boots and chilly laughs as the sun rose above the mountain tops.  We ventured deeper into the canyon last minute before I had to head off to the airport to pick up another couple, and found some insanely gorgeous red rock walls. Canyon valleys, mountains, AND desert red rock all in one place??? All my favorite kinds of places wrapped into one.

Plus, wait, reason number 4,  does Madison not have the cutest most-laid back style??? Need her in my life again asap.

***Sunrise sessions guys*** that’s all I have to say 🙂

  1. Just wanted to let you know, your photography is amazing. So talented. I’m the one fan-girling right now. Thanks for your constant inspiration!<3

  2. I’m so in love with these photos oh my goodness. This got me so excited for our shoot! SO LOVELY