Is it weird just to love your clients like instantly? Cause that happens to me so much. haha.  These two were so much fun.

Michaela contacted me a while back, hearing of me through a friends wedding I did.  She was coming into town to visit those friends and wanted to set up a shoot with me! We chatted and got to know each other via email, and I asked them if there was anything they did that was unique and fitting to them.  Every Sunday they sit down together and go over the previous week.  They ask questions to each other that would help them better themselves, for each other. Things that they feel they need to work on to be a better duo. Always in communication, always working on their love.  Along side that, they also talk about what they love about teach other and certain memories from the week that stood out to them. One, Chase and I are adopting this because it is the best way for that kind of communication when you aren’t the most open person.  And two, they decided to do this on the day of the shoot instead of on a Sunday.  They brought the questions to the shoot and went through them just like they would every week.  It was such a personal and fitting touch, to something that they do weekly, and something that makes them who they are.  I love when couples want to incorporate these kinds of things into their shoots, because to me that’s what it’s all about.  Taking memories and capturing them in their essence.  Capturing you in your daily routine, how you love one another, and who you are together.  Love these two and the inspiration they are to me in showing me that yes, love is love, but love doesn’t come easy all the time.