Don’t even know where to start with these Moab and Canyonlands bridals— you all aren’t ready for it!

a little bit about it all…

I’ve known Kortney now for a little while, we actually live in the same town but met for the first time just a little over a year ago!! Our relationship has pretty much been via social media, as it is with a lot of people now a days it feels like! Kort is such a talented photographer (and hair dresser WHAT, she literally does it all!), and so when she asked me to do her and Jake’s engagements and bridals, my jaw probably hit the floor. Was literally counting down the days until their engagements (linked here because I love them so much!), and to basically just get to hang out with these two! It seems like the only way we get to hang out is if I’m photographing them so, I’ll take it. haha.
These two wanted to do their bridals— first look + vows — in a place they’d never been, but knew they were drawn to and would love. So what better place than one of the most beautiful places this earth has? I’ve been so obsessed with Moab since the first time we visited the area, and it definitely didn’t change my opinion this time around either!

the epic bridals!

My friend and I took off from Boise for the long trek down to Moab with a pit stop in Salt Lake along the way to visit friends and capture some other pretty engagements! (Coming soon!!) The weather around the area, of course, wasn’t the best on the radar, so we ended up moving Kortney + Jakes shoot to earlier in the day to try and avoid any sort of storm! Our original plan of meeting around 3pm to start the shoot at 4, was now starting at 12! So we woke up bright and early at 6am to leave from Salt Lake to Moab, to give us at least a good hour to scout locations before meeting up with these two + the best team ever for these bridals we were counting down the minutes to!

We got so incredibly lucky with the weather, I’m still in awe. We took these two to an overlook (it felt like we were standing in a painting), for their first look + exchanging of vows. Besides the INSANE wind, we had the best overcast day. These two had the SWEETEST first look over thousand foot cliffs— just look at Jakes reaction! Still crying inside. These two then shared some of the most beautiful words to each other that brought tears to literally everyones eyes. We roamed around Canyonlands and Arches National Park until we got chased off by the storm that started at 4pm— the time we originally were starting the shoot! The perfect day— it held out for us for the perfect amount of time for these two to have the most memorable and unforgettable few hours.

the best parts.

It was so much fun running around the desert with these two + the incredible videographer team we had, all friends and all creating memories. The day came to an end too soon and we were on our way back to Salt Lake (after grabbing Mexican food of course, cause, what other food would we eat). I’m still dreaming about these few hours that we got to spend with this stunning couple, being a part of something so special and real. So grateful for these two for being so open and vulnerable, for being up for change at the last minute, and for choosing me to ensure these memories are in their hands forever.

Love these two weirdos and can’t wait until the next time we get to hang 😉

The seriously most incredible video by: Jake Weiser Films
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