Where do I even begin?!

I’ve known Riley and Dakota for a little while now and love them to death for their incredibly sweet souls and personalities– AND PLUS, they gave me my very first destination wedding so I could cry and am bursting with how much I love them now even more.

They had their wedding in Nassau, Bahamas, and it was unbelievably perfect and laid back.

We spent the week all hanging out (Bridal Party, family, friends, etc.), swimming in the ocean, exploring town, snorkeling, playing spike ball and beach volleyball, eating way too much fried food and Italian steaks every night, turning into red lobsters, and just seriously having the greatest week.

The night before the wedding we all hung out on the beach and ran into the ocean together– seriously the bluest water ever.  I got to spend a little time with Riley and Dakota and taking a few pictures of them on the eve of their wedding and they were just so insanely happy.  Not to mention the bridesmaids are freaking adorable and I also love each and every one of them to death.

Their ceremony on Saturday was at 10 am and the rest of the day was treated like a party and celebration.  Lots more swimming, time in the sun and eating and what’s better than that?

The bridal party that evening jumped in the ocean again with Riley and Dakota fully clothed and it was pretty much the best time ever? So many good memories that will forever be.

Plus, Riley is a beach goddess pretty much and those bridesmaids dresses?!

I’m forever grateful for each and every one of my sweet couples that give me the chance and trust me enough to capture their big day and be part of their biggest moments in life..  And even more so the ones that trust me enough to fly me across the country with them.

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