This day was insaneee.
Anna + David reached out to me all the way from the UK and told me of their plans for wanting to elope in the states.  A destination elopement in Big Sur, California was their dream!  I was head over heels excited to capture these memories for them. This place was all new to them and there’s something so special and exciting about that.

The Elopement

Plans were set for the date, reservations made, and these two made their way thousands and thousands miles to explore the coast of California.  Just at the time that there was a huge coastal storm rolling in. haha. OF COURSE! Regardless, we were all going to make the best of it and not let it affect their day! The day of their elopement, there were road closures, crazy winds, sporadic downpours— you name it. Not something that exactly brings uncontrollable joy on a wedding day, especially when you’ve come all the way from the United Kingdom for it!  But all that being said— LOOK HOW INCREDIBLE THEIR DAY WAS. If anything, it made it more memorable. We had to work around this storm and do our best to still have an unforgettable experience in the best and most positive way.  These two made that happen more than anything. No matter what, these two were marrying each other, in a beautiful place and walking away with the best memories. So instead of getting married on the beach as planned, we switched their ceremony to inside on the edge of the patio of their hotel room. They exchanged beautiful vows, exchanged rings, and memories were reminisced on.  It was just as beautiful as it would have been on the coast.

Along the Coast

After these two shared a gorgeous first dance and celebrated with champagne, we took off in the crazy high speed winds + torrential downpour. Because if you come all this way, you’ve gotta spend at least 5 or 10 minutes out in the storm to have memories of the stunning location right?? So glad that these two wanted to make it happen. The views were still GORGEOUS, and these two still rocked it. We trekked down the path to the coast (Anna in crazy high heels?! She’s incredible!). These two hung on to each other and played in the rain until the storm officially chased us away. Like legit I opened the umbrella when I stepped out of the car and it snapped in half hahah. They celebrated with the most stunning cake + candlelit dinner to wrap up their incredibly intimate and eventful day. Things didn’t go exactly as planned— do they ever? But they took it as a beautiful challenge and didn’t let it change the fact that at the end of they day they were going to be married.  And that’s what mattered most 🙂

So grateful for these two + their sweet and inviting souls.  For allowing me and trusting me to be a part of their intimate elopement along the colorful Big Sur coast! And hold up, can we just take a look at Anna and how that dress fits her so dang good?! All the layersssss. So gorgeous!

Location: Big Sur National Park
Hotel: Post Ranch Inn
Dress: Vera Wang

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