I’ve known Danny ever since high school, he was one of Chase’s best friends–and met Lexi while Chase was in college– they were in the same field of study!

I’m so happy that these two ended up together, it’s so fun seeing some of your good friends from so long ago find the love of their life:)

We planned for these two’s engagements when we were passing through Washington after our Europe trip, and of course, as per usual, it was DUMPING rain. ¬†These two were great through the whole thing, and I mean, what’s some Washington engagements without the typical Washington weather I guess?? haha.

We spent the afternoon exploring around Lake Cushman, and I can only imagine what this lake looks like on a sunny day! Definitely one of those places we are going to have to go back to when the weather is a tad bit nicer.

We had a blast nonetheless, and so happy for these two!