5 countries in 2 weeks.
I’ll keep this as short and as sweet as possible!
So much to see, so little time. It amazes me how big this world is, and even though traveling to new places you think I’d feel like I’m marking things off my list and the places to see gets smaller and smaller, but it actually creates quite the opposite affect.  Each time I see a new place, a new country and a new town, it makes me realize how much MORE there is to see, making my list 50 times longer than it originally was.  I always feel like I’m going to run out of time to see all these beautiful places that God created for us— that if I don’t do it now, I won’t ever get around to it.  That’s one way to excuse spending every dollar I make on traveling, right?
So, Europe.  Myself, Chase, and two of our best friends (Kendall and Taylor) set off to these 5 countries with only 2 weeks.  I have a bad habit of cramming a lot of places into a tiny bit amount of time, I’ll admit.  All that reverts back to the idea that if I don’t see it now, I won’t ever get around to it.  And although I do wish we had had longer in a lot of these places, it was still so perfect and I’m already itching to go back.
First day— Munich. We forced ourselves to stay awake once we got off the plane because we had a whole day ahead of us.  If we forced ourselves to stay awake, we could see Munich and then get on Europe’s sleeping schedule, right?  Pretty much!  It actually worked out really well! haha.  We spent the day exploring Munich and all the different architecture, walking the cobblestone streets and getting lost cause we actually had no clue what we were doing.
Second day.  We headed south towards the Bavarian Alps and this is where we knew it was the beginning.  Our trip was mostly through all the countries that the Alps went through, definitely safe to say I have an obsession with mountains.  Nestled right beside the Bavarian Alps was a little town named Fussen, where we spent the next two days exploring castles, walking more cobblestone streets with colorful cottages and buildings, and taking in all the beautiful views.
Then on to day four.  To Austria for only the day, where we spent the one and only rainy day (bless) we had– in Halstatt, the tiniest, tiniest little lakeside town that holds so much character, and saw some of the most stunning mountain ranges. Austria really is a gem that you don’t hear a lot about, a place I wish we had more time in.  Which leads me to day 5.
Slovenia was up next for two days, where we visited turquoise gorges, canoed across Lake Bled at sunset to the church in the middle of the lake— where tradition has it if you carried your wife up the 99 steps, you were destined for a good marriage.  So naturally, of course Chase and Taylor did it. haha.  We were even greeted at the top by a bunch of tourist groups clapping and cheering. lol. We drove up snowy passes to overlook the Julian Alps, and ate at the same restaurant 3 times in a row because yes, it was THAT good— Slovenia is that second little gem that is seriously so stunning.
Off to Venice, Italy, where we ate WAY too much food, walked I swear 42025+ miles in two days, and explored this little charming city on water.  The architecture and history in this city was INSANE, and Chase now has a new interest in somehow purchasing the St. Marks Basilica before he dies.
So much gelato, so much aching feet, and all so worth it.
On our way to Switzerland, we stopped for breakfast in Lake Como— and ohhhh my gosh how I wish we had longer in Lake Como in the teeniest, tiniest town of Varenna.  This is that dreamy, lake town that everybody wishes they had a vacation home on.  I can only imagine what this places is like in the summertime, and you bet I will be back there one day!
So on to our last country of our trip— Switzerland.  I literally had been dreaming of Switzerland ever since I was little!  And honestly I still do, I’m dying to get back there when everything is green and in bloom, as we hit it right at the end of winter when everything was just barely warming up.  Nonetheless, these mountain ranges were massive beyond belief, and everywhere we went felt like a dream.  An expensive dream hahah.  I had the opportunity to shoot some engagements (Krissy and Daniel— can be found in my galleries!) in the cutest village of Gimmelwald, only accessible by cablecar.  So much love for these two and that day.  We spent the rest of our time driving around aimlessly in Interlaken, Grindelwald, Stechelburg, and Lauterbrunnen— taking whatever paths we could find to amazing views.  And ahhh, it never disappointed.  I literally am sitting here dreaming of being back there right now.
I am forever in awe, and forever grateful to live this life that I do. What a blessing it is, and I don’t know how or why I ever complain about anything.  I’m exploring the world with my best friend who loves traveling just as much as me,  I’m doing the job that I love that opens up these doors and opportunities even more so,  and all the while I have a comforting home and family always to go back to.  How lucky can one get?!  All of these places we see, all these memories we make— forever become my home away from home, and I couldn’t ask for anything else.
PS.  Video coming soon, I swear!  I hope! haha.