Katie + Jake are some of the most humble souls I ever did meet.  They live in Kansas (so sorry but sometimes I forget that Kansas is there?!) and contacted me a while ago and asked me to photograph her elopement in Colorado at Garden of the Gods in October–yeah I’m freaking out a little, so pumped!  They booked engagements along with it and we were originally planning on meeting somewhere in the middle of us, like Colorado!  She found out I was going to Utah for a few shoots and we switched our location to there— which I’m ALWAYS okay with, so much going on in that one little state.

I’m not even sure if these two had seen mountains before…?? Cause they were DYING the entire trip over the scenery. hahah.  It was so great.  We decided to make a day of their engagements and give them a little tour of the area we were in.  Even though I’m not even from there myself, so I guess it was a tour for all of us!
We started in Spanish Fork Canyon (favorite favorite favorite) and ended out at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes— where she ultimately wanted to go.  We got PELTED by sand, it was unbelievably windy and stormy, but those SKIES.  We hid for a while under like the one tree we could find hahah, and then once it calmed down a bit we journeyed on through the dunes and they just go on foreverrrrrr.  It was incredible!  We have sand dunes here in Idaho, but they aren’t anything compared to these ones.
Katie had booked a mentor session with me that weekend as well and I can’t even begin to tell you how much passion and talent she has and it is just continually growing, nonstop, and she and her hard work ethic is the sole reason why.  She was so eager to learn and take everything head on— it was so refreshing to see.  Check out her work along with the session we did together @katiedelacruzphotography on Instagram causssseeee so good.
We spent a weekend together crashing on my friends couch (bless), adventuring through northern Utah, growing and learning, and got to know each other so well and it makes me even MORE excited to witness and be such a huge part of their wedding.  Also they are the sweetest humans and sent me a little gift in the mail as a thank you?!  Are you kidding, how are they so nice!! I feel like I should be sending out the thank you gifts!! haha.
So much love and so happy for these two and the lives they are about to start together.