You know those days where everything you plan for and plan around and then the world is just like NOPE, I’m going to take all that you planned around and do the complete opposite? Yeah.  This was one of those days. haha.

But hey, that sometimes makes for the best memories, right?
Sarah is my freaking BEAUTIFUL cousin, by the way!  I think the last time we saw hung out was when we were just little little, so I was so happy and excited when she asked me to be part of her engagements and wedding.
Sarah and Davy have traveling souls like mine, so all the years between seeing each other was like nothin.
Get this. We BOTH got engaged in Thailand.  Whoop!
These two are so perfect for each other, so kind, sweet, quirky, and straight up just fit together like a puzzle piece.  I’m grateful that I got to know Davy throughout the engagements, so I could see how compatible he really is with Sarah which made me that much more excited for her.
So back to their engagements….literally I spent so much time checking weather, making sure it wasn’t going to rain during the time of the engagements, as any photographer I’m sure does.  It said it was supposed to rain in the evening, when we originally had the shoot planned for.  So, therefore— we decided to move the shoot earlier in the day, since it was going to be overcast anyways, why not just shoot when it’s not raining?
LITERALLY DUMPED RAIN THE ENTIRE TIME.  Dumped rain for the 2-3 hours we spent running around, getting soaked, laughing our heads off and caking our shoes in inch thick mud (this happens to me way too often)  And then when we parted ways? Skies opened up, rain cleared, rainbows appeared. Seriously world??? haha.
But in all— it made me realize that that doesn’t actually matter?  Those kinds of things are out of EVERYONE’S control.  There is nothing you can do about the weather, nothing you can do about your hair, the only thing that will affect the time you have and the moments being captured is your attitude about the situation— and does the weather really change the reality of why you are having the pictures taken in the first place?
I cannot thank these two enough— for being such troopers through the pouring rain, and not caring one bit because they knew that these pictures would be memories of their love at this time in their life.  This time in their life that they are so excited, so giddy, and so in love and ready to start their lives together.  Their love was the same, rain or shine.  And sometimes you need that reminder.