Where do I even start with these two.

I’ve gotten the privilege of getting to know Jade and Jordan over the past few months, and I have NOTHING but good and whole-heartedly, honest, amazing things to say about these two.
They really do have hearts of gold.
I feel so beyond honored and happy to have been chosen to be the one to document their biggest memories and have gotten to become friends with them along the way.
Right off the bat Jade was the EASIEST person to talk to.  So tiny and energetic, a heart bursting with love for others, and the absolute sweetest smile.  (I sound like a creep but I just love these two hahah).  And Jordan is just about as nice as guys come. They make the perfect pair. If not for their personalities, their looks ALSO make them the perfect pair like ARE YOU KIDDING ME. COME ON.
We planned their engagements, waiting for the perfect sunny and warm day.  They sat in the tall grass with me and hung out while we waited for the sun to set a bit more (happens to me way too often guys, so sorry), and just chatted about life and their wedding.  We ran around in the dunes as the sun peeked in-between clouds and it was perfect.
On our way out was the most GORGEOUS sunset, and of course Jade was the first to hop out of the car and ask if we could take some pictures, even though we had just spent 2 hours taking pictures hahah my kinda human.
I swear she loves pictures just as much if not MORE than I do. Which makes me even happier.
These kinds of relationships with my clients, where we chat about non-wedding related things, get to know each other and hang out as if we’ve known each other forever, is what makes my heart happy.  It’s what turns clients into friends, and takes away the impersonal, generic word “client”— those kind of people you don’t want to lose a relationship with after you’ve delivered their wedding pictures and said “thank you”, those are the kind of people and “clients” that make me feel like I’m doing something right.
Plus Jade acts like I’m some sort of photo-God or something with how excited she gets over every picture I take so that alone makes me want to cry.
Thankful for people like this, and I have a whole lot of them this year and I can’t wait to share every story.